I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department with the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to my full-time role at CMU, I also serve as Chief Scientist of AI Research for the Bosch Center for AI (BCAI), working in the Pittsburgh Office. BCAI also generously provides funding for much of the research in my group.

My group’s work focuses on machine learning, optimization, and control. Specifically, much of our work aims at making deep learning algorithms safer, more robust, and more explainable; to these ends, we have worked on methods for training provably robust deep learning systems, and including more complex “modules” (such as optimization solvers) within the loop of deep architectures. We also focus on several application domains, with a particular focus on applications in smart energy and sustainability domains.

Recent News

  • 10/20: Six papers at NeurIPS, by Chun Kai Ling, Chirag Pabbaraju, Po-Wei Wang, Mingjie Sun, Ezra Winston, Shaojie Bai.
  • 7/20: Four papers at ICML, by Ezra Winston, Eric Wong, Filipe de Avila Belbulte-Peres, Leslie Rice.
  • 5/20: Eric Wong successfully defended his PhD thesis, and will be starting a postdoc at MIT in Fall 2020. Congratulations Eric!
  • 4/20: Three papers at ICLR, by Po-wei Wang, Eric Wong, Leslie Rice.
  • 2/20: Awarded DARPA GARD grant, a collaboration between CMU and Bosch Center for AI.
  • 9/19: Five papers at NeurIPS, by Shaojie Bai, Brandon Amos, Gaurav Manek, Vaishnavh Nagarajan, and Billy Li.

Older news